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Death by Pride
A Kyle Callahan Mystery

First came ‘Murder at Pride Lodge,’ where murder met mayhem in the Pennsylvania countryside. Next was ‘Pride and Perilous,’ the collision of high art and low death at Manhattan’s Katherine Pride Gallery. And now, the Pride Trilogy concludes with ‘Death by Pride.’ It’s Gay Pride weekend, the most festive weekend of the year in New York City. Hundreds of thousands of partygoers arrive to show the world how to have a good time.

Stalking the party is the most successful serial killer the city has ever seen. He claims his victims in threes and has just begun his newest spree. Detective Linda Sikorsky comes to town to visit Kyle Callahan and his husband Danny Durban. It’s her first Pride Parade and may well be her last. Harmless fun turns to terror in a frantic effort to stop the killer once the first body floats to the river’s edge. This time it’s personal, and this time one of them might not make it out alive.Reader 


Death in the Headlights
A Kyle Callahan Mystery Featuring Detective Linda

It’s been six months since the murders at the Katherine Pride Gallery in Manhattan. Kyle Callahan and his partner Danny Durban head to rural New Jersey for a relaxing week with their dear friend, Detective Linda Sikorsky, recently retired and newly in love. After an intimate dinner with Linda and her fiancée Kirsten, they drive back to Linda’s small house in the woods and discover the body of Abigail Creek, run off the road on a bicycle wearing only her nightgown and slippers. Kyle and Linda quickly find themselves learning more than they want to know about the Creek family and the home they call CrossCreek Farm. In the words of Clara Presley’s grandmother, “Whatever grows there, grows in the shadows.” Come along as Linda and Kyle make their way into the shadows and enter the spider’s web, determined to find out who in this family of spiders is the deadliest one.


Murder at Pride Lodge
A Kyle Callahan Mystery

Who killed Teddy the handyman – if anyone killed him at all? Was it Sid, one of the new owners of Pride Lodge whose past gets darker the closer you look? Was it the woman whose name was once Emily, when she witnessed the murder of her parents in a burglary gone bad, and who has waited thirty years for vengeance? Was it young Happy Corcoran, promoted to bartender only to vanish three days before Teddy was found dead at the bottom of the empty pool? Find out soon . . . as Kyle Callahan refuses to believe it was an accident, doggedly pursues the truth in his friend’s death and does his best not to join him.

‘Murder at Pride Lodge’ is the first in the Kyle Callahan Mystery series. Kyle and his partner Danny Durban live in New York City, where murder never seems to be more than a subway stop away. In this first story, they head to Pride Lodge, their favorite getaway from the City, over what they expect to be a festive Halloween weekend. What they find instead is a web of murder, deceit, and revenge served cold as a knife blade. At the Lodge we meet a rich cast of characters, many of whom return in Book II, ‘Pride and Perilous,’ that finds them back in the familiarity of New York City. Murder has never been this much fun.

300PerilousPride and Perilous
A Kyle Callahan Mystery

Manhattan’s Katherine Pride Gallery becomes the center of high art and low death in Pride and Perilous, the second of the Kyle Callahan Mysteries. Amateur photographer Kyle is about to have his first photo exhibit at the gallery, just as someone begins killing people connected to it. Bodies start to fall and Kyle realizes somebody wants this gallery closed forever. Joining Kyle and Danny are several of the characters from Murder at Pride Lodge: Kyle’s down-but-never-out TV reporter boss, Imogene Landis. Margaret Bowman, aging owner of successful New York City eatery Margaret’s Passion. The odious Linus Hern, restaurateur from hell and Danny’s nemesis. And Detective Linda Sikorsky from the New Hope, Pennsylvania, police force. She worked on the Pride Lodge murders and became close friends with Kyle and Danny. She’s in town for the opening of Kyle’s show and to fill them in on the new woman in her life. No sooner does she leave the train at Penn Station than she finds herself joining Kyle in the chase to stop a killer as time ticks away. Can they do it before the clock strikes death again?

And now about the Mysteries.

“Murder has never been this much much.” That has been my tag line for these books nearly since I wrote the first sentence of ‘Murder at Pride Lodge’ almost two years ago. I was not out to write the Great American Novel, if such a thing even exists anymore. I was simply out to write a rip-roaring good read, fast-paced and sometimes diabolical, featuring characters I could imagine populating my own life if solving murders was a central part of it.

The Kyle Callahan Mysteries are the culmination of a lifetime of writing; not so much an apex, as a destination reached after forty-plus years. Most of my fiction has been what the market would label ‘literary fiction.’ I say that with no sniff of an upturned nose. I simply wrote dark, sometimes maudlin stories about people for whom life presented problems. It was no doubt reflective of my own mental and emotional states. Yet, all those years, my reading preferences ran to the entertaining, the exciting, the active: series featuring damaged cops and colorful investigators. Heroes stalking villains, as the two inevitably met, with justice – however empty – prevailing. It was more than a little odd that I seldom read what I wrote: not for me the novels of Joan Didion or David Foster Wallace. It’s not that they were too dense or intimidating; it was simply that, after the chores of daily living, with its office cubicles and its demands, I preferred to give my reading time to something fun – fun not being confined to light-hearted. Something I could imagine myself reading with a bucket of popcorn in my free hand. Something murderous and puzzling. Murder can be very fun.

Signing books at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Which brings me back to The Kyle Callahan Mysteries. I’m in my 50s now and enjoying, so far, one of the best decades of my life. I have nothing left to prove to anyone but myself, and certainly nothing left to write that doesn’t have me excited to sit down at a keyboard every day. I wanted to write a mystery series featuring a mature male couple: Kyle Callahan and Danny Durban. I wanted to write about what I know: being a man in the last third of his life who intends to enjoy it, see what I can see, experience what there is for me to experience. I wanted to populate these mysteries with my peers – and the characters’ peers – all aging, some not so gracefully. And above all, I wanted to have fun. I hope you’ll have fun with me. Come along, meet the characters, see if you can figure it out, and let’s all take a ride on the mystery train.

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They Asked Me Anything – on Reddit Books

Here’s a short clip about my Reddit experience. I have to say that as a 55 year old man who chose an unconventional path, it meant a lot to me to be asked about my writing and my life as a creative person. It makes up for all those days over the years when I wondered why I didn’t just give up. It’s not about money, it’s about fulfillment. I’m very touched by these nice people asking their nice questions. You can read the comment thread here.