Welcome to a new venture by the editor and publisher of lgbtSr (now in it’s 6th year!). Q Audiobooks will be a website where you can find lots (and lots) of audiobooks about LGBT characters and stories, fiction, nonfiction, you name it. Written by LGBT authors, for LGBT listeners and those who enjoy a good story. For now it’s a Facebook page and a Twitter account. The website is being built, one widget at a time. Until then, please enjoy the weekly Q Audiobooks Pick of the Week, kindly like the Facebook page if you’ve got a like to spare, and stay tuned.

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MadeMark Media is everything I do: author, having published four Kyle Callahan Mysteries; co-host with Rick Rose of The Twist Podcast, and for the past five years, publisher and editor of lgbtSr, a site for LGBTQ people over 50 and our friends “where age is embraced and life is celebrated,” with a thriving base on Facebook as well.  I co-edited and published the anthology Outer Voices Inner Lives (Lambda Literary Award Finalist), and was the the co-creator and original writer for the Emmy and Telly winning children’s program Into the Outdoors.

I’m a dreamer and, as importantly, a doer – an all around restless creative force who wakes up every morning in anticipation of today’s dream and what I’ll find there.

That’s what it’s about: imagination, determination, exultation, and celebration. MadeMark Media is as much a state of mind as an enterprise. Its founding principle is to invest that most non-renewable of resources – time – into doing those things we are passionate about, those activities, endeavors and ideas that excite us and, in my case, have me sitting at my living room desk typing this at 5:00 a.m.  Because I love doing it.

So … welcome again to my dream. Hopefully you’ll find some substance here, and if you have any questions I’m easy to find.

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